Christian Vision Broadcasting Network

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A Communication Medium For Peace, Pacifism & Social Justice Across The World

Christian Vision Broadcasting Network narrates, entertains and educates immigrants in America and brings the good news of Christ to the world. We partner with Christian faith-based, social, political and civic institutions interested in building a credible world that is justice-oriented and theologically based.

Our international global evangelism ministry began in 2012 in East Lansdowne, PA, and was designed to create a platform for intellectual engagement for the preaching and teaching of the message of Jesus through the imaginative power of new age media.

Our mission is to create a framework for peace and social justice in the world. We believe that as true believers of the message of Christ, we are under the divine obligation to speak for the voiceless, the oppressed and the marginalized of society.

Hawaiian Hospitality Class of 2010-11 from Drew University Theological School on a cross-cultural trip to Hawaii. Front left to right Professor Lynn Westfield, Janhi Choi and A. Johnson.

With Colleague Jhandi Choi from the theological school upon arrival in Hawaii-2010

The work of Executive Producer Zayzay Kpadeh producing a CVBN talk show. Engaging his global audience with thought-provoking issues relating to race and relations in America, he also addresses anti-immigration sentiments and xenophobia in the U.S. against immigrants. Zayzay is a doctoral fellow at Drew University Theological Seminary in Madison, NJ, and member of the class of 2015. He is a 20-year broadcast veteran journalist with intellectual, critical investigative and production skills in the field, crisscrossing the landscape of Liberia and the U.S. Holding a Divinity degree from Drew University, Rev. Dr. Zayzay Gwepougee Kpadeh is an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church. Dr. Kpadeh writes on wide range of issues facing immigrants in the United States. 

Dean Maxine Beach, former and retired Dean of the Drew University Theological Seminary, in Madison, NJ in 2011. Remembering a great woman of faith and hospitality.

African Ministers from the immigrant community from Maryland, Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania meeting in Lansdowne, PA at Faith-Immanuel Lutheran Church in 2010.

With partner and colleague Rev. Dr. Moses, Suah Dennis in Orlando, Florida

Rotary Club of Delaware Valley, summer of 2014. From left to right an official of the Rotary, the Director of the After School Program, the President of the Rotary Club, and Pastor David Shaheen, Executive Director of the Upper Darby Outreach Corp. The Outreach Corp. serves children of immigrants and disadvantaged children in the Upper Darby area of Pennsylvania.

As the social gospel dictates, people who are called Christians have an ethical and social responsibility to make the world a better place. The basic tenet of the gospel of Christ compels us to serve the vulnerable, the homeless, the poor and oppressed of society.

Our current listening audience ranges from ordinary folks in small towns and cities across Africa to the most sophisticated urban dwellers in metropolitan New York, Philadelphia, Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan, Moscow, Russia as well as Australia, and Germany.


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